The journey so far.

Wine is an Art, and we at Wine Club Lagos strive to cultivate and foster a wine culture in Nigeria. The idea for the Wine Club Lagos was born out of a real and genuine love for wine as well as a longing to share this love with everyone. The appreciation for wine in Lagos has grown significantly over the past few years and our mission is to be an outlet for channeling that appreciation. We started as a wine tasting club in 2016, and have organized over 15 themed wine tastings to date. We have expanded our service offerings to include not just wine tastings but wine list consultations, customized wine gift sets, wine service training etc. Though we are not wine vendors, we are experts at sourcing and curating the very best the wine world has to offer by leveraging on the wide network of relationships with players in the wine industry.

More than just wines though, we have built a steady community of about 300 wine lovers over the past couple of years who look to us to cater to their wine needs. Our community is growing every day and we would be delighted to have you as one of us. Sign up to join our community today. What better way to express your love for wine than to do it with other wine lovers?

Our Values







To help people experience the pleasures of wine, while promoting and preserving its sacred heritage.