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Wine and Steak Pairing

We decided on a revered classic ‘Wine and Steak’ theme for our first official tasting. We paired three different cuts of steak with three different wines. The mission was to explore the truths in expert recommendations of certain wines with certain cuts of steak. It seems however that our guests were of the opinion that…

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Our first ever blind taste test

We had a blind taste test in May 2016 at the Pedini Bosch showroom in VI. The idea was to ascertain how well people could distinguish between wines, just by tasting. We all have our favorite wines, which we swear we love because of how good it tastes, but how well would you do in…

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Corks v Screwcaps

What’s all the fuss about corks v screwcaps? Is one better than the other? Do they make any difference to the taste of the wine? Can you tell if a wine has been stopped with cork or screwcap, just by tasting? Well, our guests at The Wine Club Lagos answered these questions and more at…

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