Every so often, we gather a small group of our members together for a themed wine tasting. We pride ourselves with organizing unique and engaging wine tastings, hosted in the most unusual of locations across Lagos. We offer our members a chance to objectively assess a wide variety of wines which are usually not readily available on the shelves. This gives our members a chance to sample wines from different parts of the world while getting a chance to refine their palates and gain a greater appreciation for the ‘Art of Wine’. There is always a competitive edge to the tastings and a winner will usually emerge at the end of the evening.  From blind tastings to identifying tasting notes, we strive to create memorable experiences for our members. The common theme with all our tastings is that no two tastings are the same. All tastings are held in different locations across the city and would usually be in an unusual or creative space.

Ultimately, the tastings create an atmosphere for wine lovers to meet, network and have an alternative to regular nights out. It is made up of a network of people who consider themselves wine curious at the very least and wine lovers at most. The average age range is 25-60 and they include professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners and the likes. They all come from a variety of countries and cultural backgrounds and enjoy the idea of bonding with other wine lovers.


Special occasions, entertaining guests or anything else really (….as if you need a special reason to drink wine!). Reach out to us for a private wine tasting and we will work with you to determine the best way to engage your guests in a private wine tasting session.


For restaurants, hotels and large events, we will help curate wines bearing in mind the style of food, patrons, atmosphere and other factors to determine the most suitable wine list for your purpose.


Our customized Wine Personality Profile Quiz will point you in the right direction of the wines that are suited to your palate and those you would most likely enjoy. This will of course aid your buying decisions and we will offer advice on where to get the recommended wines.


We also offer training on wine service, basic wine and food pairings and general wine knowledge. Join an open class or book a private training session.

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